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Watchmen Easter Eggs, Chapter I

A visual collection of things you may have missed in Watchmen,
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Page 4, Panel 3

The New York Times reveals Vietnam has become the fifty-first state.
Posted by Junky_dude.

Page 10, Panel 8

The "58" on the can of baked beans is a variation of "57 Varieties", the slogan for
Posted by namuras.

Page 19, Panel 1

The symbol of the Rockefeller Military Research Center is the Superman logo within
an atomic bomb.

Page 24, Panel 5

An issue of Tales of the Black Freighter hangs out of a trashcan in the lower-left.
Posted by DoomsdayClock.

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This page was thrown together by Revengeance. The sourced topic was started by DoomsdayClock.
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